7 Important Things How to Secure Online Shopping

How to secure online shopping
Tips Online Shopping
Shopping online is very popular in this modern era but keep in mind a lot of people who are less responsible utilize online store by deceiving buyers who are less keen in selecting official online store and do not cheat. therefore we loker gresik provide information for safe shopping online please follow these steps:

1. Check the website

You must check whether it is treated or website regularly updated. If not taken care of the web as it seems, the price listed is different from the product being sold, then you need to be alert again.

I understand that online stores do not always updated products. If updated, possible additions or changes in the price of goods and postage. But I always used to always give a kind greeting or Happy Weekend Happy Sunday to signify that the online store I was still alive and credible.

2. Contacts can be contacted

Find and save the phone number, home telephone number (if any), yahoo messenger, email and office address (if any). Because the online store can be made by individuals, there are times when the office address is not listed. Most also, the seller does not have the goods ready and store to store goods. Not a problem as long as the contacts can be contacted indicated a clear and active.

To avoid the impression of being a fake seller, I used to always reply to any questions that come in as soon as possible. Whether it's via email, BBM, Yahoo Messenger, SMS and even via phone.

3. Contact the seller

Of debriefing conversation between you and the seller, the seller can be concluded whether the seller is credible. When asked the answer tomorrow afternoon, the seller questionable validity. But before you are sentenced, first check what is no description hours on his website.

My experience as a seller: sometimes there are buyers who call me middle of the night, when it was listed hours only until 5pm. If you have this, one of whom?

4. Tests, ask about product

Sellers who are already experts, will certainly know the ins and outs of the products sold. If the food, check the expiration, the material sold, kosher or not, and how long the process of sending the goods will arrive at your place.

I always give the right information as a seller. Even as much as I tried to figure out what the next question to ask. Besides saving my time (I serve several buyers at once), the prospective buyers also benefit because they can save time.

5. Please check registers online store

This method is easy, just type who.is in your browser. After who.is page opens, enter the website address into the field provided and click Whois. Who.is serves as a website checker that can display information about the address of the owner of the domain (www.namatoko.com), domain activation date, expiration date domain, registran name, address, phone number, email, city and province that would be very useful.

Keep in mind that who.is can be hidden or hidden. If the website who.is its hidden, then you should think twice because the website owner to hide who and address. As a seller, I never hide who.is, instead I give you the address, name, phone number and e-mail as stated in the online store.

6. Personal accounts or entities?

Payment is usually more using bank transfer as BCA, BNI and Mandiri. If the account using a personal account, you should be wary. If the account used to use the name of a business entity, eg PT.YYY or CV.YYY, then it is definitely more secure.

7. Record and keep your proof of transaction

In addition to storing contact the seller, note also when you contact the seller, historical conversations and keep your proof of the transaction. If it turns out you cheated, then the evidence can be submitted to the authorities.

As a seller, I always keep all historical evidence and proof of the transaction. To prevent potential buyer demands beyond my obligations, I kept it. Suppose if the buyer angry because it turns stale goods in the street, then I will remind that before the goods are shipped, the prospective buyer has agreed on the risk of goods stale because the journey is too long.

We hope the information above can help to not be fooled by online stores irresponsible and certainly should be a smart shopper

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