Stand By Me Doraemon Cartoon Movie Finally Appears in 59 countries

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New's Movie: The good-natured robot cat , Doraemon will entertain you all in Jakarta . Start the day today , the story of the blue cat and his friend Nobita in Stand By Me Doraemon , will be screened at the Cinema. Cartoon work of Japanese comic writer , Fujiko F. Fujio is indeed highly anticipated.
Not only children , adolescents and adults were also captivated funny action . If in the film series on television , many told is the story that always overwhelmed Doraemon Nobita delinquency , the big screen is a little different . Looked official trailer of Jive Entertainment , the film will be a lot peppered with weeping . How not , the movie made in 3D version is about the separation of Doraemon and Nobita in the summer.

Doraemon Nobita had to leave and go back to the future . They are no longer together . Parting is no doubt make them feel sad . What can survive without Doraemon Nobita and tools magic? This parting as if to signal the end of the story of many people about this cat robot . The film also incorporates a variety of stories Nobita , Doraemon and his friends .

The story line of everyday life that revolves around the struggle Nobita and his friends in the rest of their lives , to the romantic story and wedding Nobita . Not to forget , magical tools Doraemon also be used , among others , the door to anywhere , propeller bamboo , camera modifiers fashion , Gulliver tunnel , and a time machine and blankets . In the trailer , writing that the film is a compilation of all the best to ever be children . The film, directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryuichi Yagi is shown also in 59 other countries , including South Korea , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Italy , Switzerland , Spain , India , Nepal , Egypt , Palestine , Saudi Arabia , to the Maldives.

Finally, Indonesia is also among the countries that will be showing the film . we hope you will be entertained by the action of the robot blue weasel

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