Loker Scaffolder Gresik

More than 10 years, PT Asuka Engineering Indonesia has been building a business with a very high commitment to be the best. Supported by passionate and dedicated workers, both tight competition and barriers have challenged us to be better.

Asuka Engineering Indonesia PT Asuka Engineering Indonesia, PT firmly commits to maintain hard work in order to make the company as the leading one. We believe that good quality is achieved by hard work and continuous experience which be able to support us constantly to conduct future innovation.

Posisi yang dibutuhkan: Scaffolder (2 Orang)

  1. Laki-laki
  2. Usia Max. 45 Tahun
  3. Domisili Gresik
  4. Wajib memiliki Sertifikat Scaffolder (Perancah) dari migas atau kemenker yang masih berlaku
  5. Pengalaman min. 1 Tahun.
  6. Penempatan di project PT SHELL Indonesia
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loker gresik
Loker Scaffolder Gresik

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